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Magnetic basketball hoop

(45 sec video)

How the 

Mag Net works

1. Attach the Mag Net to metal garage doors.

2. Setup the rim in seconds with built in support magnets.

3. Start playing!

Someone opens the garage door accidentally?

Mag Net folds without causing ANY damage!

(45 sec video)

Works best with rubber balls

 sizes 1-2

What people say about the Mag Net

Benefits of the Mag Net

Outside exercise

The Mag Net promotes healthy exercise, fresh air, and coordination. Experts recommend at least 60 minutes of outside play time for kids. Your kids will love playing with the Mag Net magnetic basketball hoop.

Cooperative play

Help kids learn how to cooperate, compete, and play with each other while playing sports. The Mag Net promotes healthy competition and cooperation with other kids.

Stepping stone to full size hoops

Too big for a toddler hoop? Too small for a full size hoop? The Mag Net magnetic hoop is the perfect solution. Adjust the height in seconds for kids of any age and skill level. The Mag Net grows with your child's skill and age.

Wholesome family fun

Turn any driveway into a basketball court where kids of all ages can play. Adjust the hoop in seconds to fit any skill level and/or age. 

Help kids learn valuable skills, stay healthy and active, and enjoy the outdoors. All without the expense or hassle of a full size hoop.